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Augustus Tool

The Original Augustus Tools for Vehicle Fires

Series 100 for Portable Extinguisher/Water Cans
90° head portable extinguisher tool with 6.5’ hose
AGT110– Extinguishing agent CO2
AGT120– Extinguishing agent dry chemical
AGT130– Extinguishing agent water & foam
AGT140– Extinguishing agent (all of above) includes                   storage brackets

*Extinguisher not included*

Series 200 for Hose lines
90° head, 55 GPM, 6.5’ Hose, 5” penetrating depth, full time swivel, extinguishing agent water & foam
AGT220– Tool only
AGT230– Tool & 1” flat hose “WHIP” with 1-1/2” NST swivel
AGT240– Package includes tool, hose, valve, storage brackets

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