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Fire Karts

WEX01 With JHSA1

JRHB…....Howler alarm– Rotary Bell
JHSA1…..Battery operated alarm w/ flashing lights
JPFB1…..Fire Bucket
JPBL1…..Fire Bucket Lid

· Innovative mobile fire point for 2 extinguishers (including CO2)

· Max combined weight of extinguishers: 66lbs.

· Made from non-corroding, scratch resistant, UV stable PE-100% recyclable

· Ideal for gas stations, garages, construction sites, indoor/outdoor festivals, harbors, campsites, etc.

· Extinguisher cradles for stable transport

· Fixing slots to accommodate multiple extinguishers and bracket types, hooks supplied

· Allows for highly visible alarm fitment of various shapes & sizes to the front of the unit

· Base with drainage slot, designed for various fire bucket sizes & shapes

· Solid rubber wheels

· Optimized centre of gravity-easy to move, pull or push

· Rear design allows to slide unit up/down a step smoothly

· Made in the U.K.

* Extinguishers are NOT included*


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