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Hand Tools

Pike Poles

All pike poles have a round fiberglass handle with a plastic core for added stability, maximum strength, and minimum weight. The outside diameter of the handle is 1-1/4”. Made in the U.S.A.

PP02, PP03, PP04, PP06, PP08, PP10, PP12, PP14
With D-Handle
PP02D, PP03D, PP04D, PP06D, PP08D, PP10D, PP12D, PP14D

Our heavy duty poles feature handles and heads that are bonded and pined.

Drywall Hooks

Our poles are produced from thousands of continuous fiberglass stands, saturated with thermosetting resin and a
center plastic core for added stability. A non-fiberglass
polyester veil is impregnated on the surface giving the pole a smooth finish and keeps the fiberglass from splintering.
Made in the U.S.A.

The head of our drywall hook is fabricated from 3/16” steel plate and then welded into a solid structure. The use of  fabricated parts results in a stronger and lighter head .
This tool is fantastic for tearing apart walls to find hidden fire pockets. The blade on the back of the head is sharpened on each end and is designed to quickly pierce drywall or plaster. The head is then turned around so the operator can dig into the wall with the aggressive teeth and rip large pieces of material away as needed. Made in the U.S.A.

DWH02, DWH03, DWH04, DWH06, DWH08, DWH10, DWH12, DWH14
With D-Handle

Trash Hooks

The trash hook has the same great features of our standard pike pole. The trash hook head is available in two sizes.  Made in the U.S.A.
Standard size: 1/2 inch tine
Heavy Duty size “LA” : 3/4 inch

TH02, TH03, TH04, TH06, TH08, TH10, TH12, TH14
With D-Handle
TH02D, TH03D, TH04D, TH06D, TH08D, TH10D, TH12D, TH14D

All poles available 2’, 3’, 4’, 8’, 10’, 12’, or 14’ lengths
Custom lengths

Heavy Duty part numbers: THLA02, THLA03, THLA04, THLA08, THLA10, THLA12, THLA14.
Also comes in D-Handle option.


Wooden Handles now available! 

Available in 6, 10 & 12 ft lengths

PPW6, PPW10 & PPW12
Pike Pole Parts
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