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Pike Pole Kits

All poles have a round fiberglass handle with a plastic core for added stability, maximum strength and minimum weight.
The outside diameter of the handle is 1-1/4”.

Salvage Bag

BP Salvage Bag
BPVB Roof Bag

Roof Kit


BP Roof Kit Includes
1-3’ Pike Head
1-3’ Trash Hook
1-3’ D-Handle
1-4’ Ext Pole

Salvage Kit


BP Salvage Kit Includes
1-3’ Dry Wall Hook
1– Squeegee
1– Square Nose Shovel
2-4’ Ext Handles with Rubber Grip
1-4’ Ext Pole


BP3PH            3’ Pike Head
BPTH               3’ Trash Hook
BPDWH          3’ Dry Wall Hook
BPD3              3’ D-Handle
BP3EXT           3’ Pole Extension
BPBH              Broom Head
BP4EXT           4’ Extension Pole

BPSH            Square Head Shovel
BPSQ            Squeegee Head
BPSS             Scoop Shovel Head
BP3RK          3’ ext with gas shut off
BPD              6” D-Handle
BP3RG         Handle Rubber Grip
BP3EXTD     4’ D-Handle

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